About Us

New West Hot Shot Service is a family owned and operated corporation that has been doing business since 14 years. Our corporate motto, "We Follow No One," essentially implies that we don't make due with the present state of affairs. Rather, we do our part to raise cargo trucking industry measures.

New West Hot Shot Service's fleet of top quality trucks and equipment are continuously updated, professionally serviced and maintained. Our fleet is able to meet today’s most challenging towing, recovery and rush delivery requirements.

We are focused on providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. New West Hot Shot Service has earned a earned a reputation for being an exceptionally tried and true, reliable and a dependable secure transportation and storage space for our clients.

New West Hot Shot Service has kept on growing focused around its qualities of client administration, and its capacity to react rapidly with the right work force and gear to accomplish the occupation. We take pride at being the absolute best in the business with the supplies, learning and appropriately prepared work force to handle all towing circumstances.

We are committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of service using dependable, high-performance equipment operated by professionally trained and skilled operators. Our Safety Department ensures that all drivers are properly qualified, trained, and in consistence with all pertinent laws and regulations. The Safety Department also oversees our inspection and maintenance program to ensure that all equipment is road-worthy and load-worthy.