Hotshot Services
Hot Shot services are used to haul any piece of equipment or material that has to arrive in a expedited manner. New West Hot Shot Service specializes in Hot Shot Services and providing direct service throughout the Calgary area. Large or small, we take our role seriously as the front line between your products and your customers.

Flat Deck Services
New West Hot Shot Service specializes in flat deck and over dimensional freight services. We offer flat deck vehicle and equipment hauling and friendly fast service. Our flat decks are ready to move your standard and over dimensional deck loads, so let our team of professionals handle your business needs.

Logistics Services
New West Hot Shot Service has grown on its reputation of dedicated and flexible customer service. Our focus on transportation logistics guarantee that our clients’ freight reaches its destination securely and on schedule. This professional attitude and commitment to customer service are what New West Hot Shot Service’s past and present clients can attest to.

Direct-To-Site Services
Our on-demand Direct-To-Site service is faster and safer than any other company. New West Hot Shot Service is always close to our clients, no matter where they are. This approach also makes long distance delivery of important and time-sensitive freight quicker and more reliable. By exchanging to new drivers as your items move starting with one district then onto the next, your products move faster, more secure and non-stop to their goal.